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Burt Grinstead stars in this brand new, comedy webseries created by Aaron Fradkin. 

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“Burt Grinstead is quickly becoming one of my

favorite L.A. actors” ­ StageAndCinema.com

“Grinstead proves an extraordinary revelation” ­ BroadwayWorld.com


"Grinstead continues to deliver

fully fleshed out performances."

Grigware Reviews

“he (Grinstead) is unquestionably one of the younger local actors worth following” ­ The Hollywood Reporter 


Burt Grinstead​


This independently produced, Peruvian film made it's world premier at the Busan International Film Festival. It then captivated audiences at the Guadalajara Film Festival. It made its U.S. debut at OutFest LA and won the Best Screenplay Award for Drama. Burt Grinstead stars in this heartbreaking film alongside Carlos Ciulizza, Katerina D'Onofrio and Myriam Reategui. Find out more by clicking here: 

Sebastain-The Facebook Page.

This is not a real reel. For Burt Grinstead's actual reel, click on the VIDEO tab above. 

"an actor to be reckoned with." StageSceneLA.com


Burt makes a memorable guest appearance in the new dramedy "EAT WITH ME." Now available for streaming on NETFLIX. Check it out there!

"Burt Grinstead giving the most naturalistic and convincing

performance of them all."


Burt Grinstead is a professional actor from a small town in Massachusetts. Find more info about Burt's career by clicking on the above tabs.